Springside Farm Day Camp is going VIRTUAL!

Out of an abundance of concern for our campers' and their families' health regarding Covid-19, we have decided to develop a virtual version of Springside Farm Day Camp for Summer 2020. We have consequently CANCELLED all in-person day camp activities at the farm. Though we are truly saddened that our traditional program has been put on pause, our campers' and their families' health is our number one priority and we simply do not feel it is the safest option at this time. Though camp will look and feel different this year, one thing remains constant: we are passionate about homegrown, nature-oriented learning and fun, and we are as eager as ever to bring these experiences to our campers no matter the format! 

Because our "unplugged" camp will "plug-in" to the virtual world this summer, there are many changes to our program that we must communicate so families can make an informed decision about utilizing this substitute for traditional camp. First, camp will operate for 4 weeks in August ONLY. Due to the intense, time-consuming effort it is to plan an engaging and worthwhile program, we are utilizing what little time we have left to ensure our program is valuable and satisfactory. We are navigating new platforms, video conferencing tools, as well as extensively tweaking our original curriculum to best meet the needs of our campers.  

Virtual camp will still operate Monday through Friday, but for a shorter duration each day. Our goal is to provide learning activities that will engage and occupy campers, allowing for both group- and self-led learning and fun. Activities involving crafts, music & movement, animals, farming & gardening, as well as nature exploration & outdoor skills will still make up the bulk of our program. Campers will access prerecorded videos whenever their schedule allows, as well as live segments ("campfire chats") at predetermined times. This will allow campers to interact with counselors and each other, which is arguably the most enriching and memorable experience any summer camp has to offer.


PLEASE NOTE: Though we have gone virtual for Summer 2020, this does NOT mean that we intend for campers to spend all of their time behind a screen; that is simply not who we are as a camp. We have purposely selected projects and activities that require work OUTSIDE of our online portions. The time spent on devices are reserved for interactive "campfire chats" and video segments, amounting to 2.5 to 3.5 hours PER WEEK. 

HOW will your camper(s) participate in activities that require specific materials? We'll send kits containing all necessary materials to campers (cost included in tuition) before camp begins. We'll also provide directions to optional crafts and activities that campers may choose to complete throughout the week (using their own materials, many of which are recycled goods families already have on hand). Kits will include materials for the weekly "discovery" (we are utilizing a "Project Based Learning" approach; learn more here) and 1-2 crafts depending on the difficulty of the craft(s). Additional prerecorded videos that campers will have access to include exercise/movement segments, cooking videos using common garden crops, and a segment on the animal of the week. 


Though we understand that multi-camper households may access the online portions of camp on the same device at once, tuition cost will still be per camper (due to materials costs). We are cutting tuition from $235 per week, to $35 per week. Campers may attend multiple weeks, or just one. If campers attend all 4 weeks, tuition will be reduce from $140 to $120. If camper lives outside of a 50 mile radius from Springside Farm, shipping (for materials kit) will be added to tuition cost. 


***If you have already signed up your camper(s) for traditional camp, refunds will be issued in full. Please notify Allie if you'd like your camper(s) to participate in virtual camp and refunds will be adjusted to reflect those changes.***

Please Note: Springside Farm Day Camp reserves the right to cancel virtual camp by July 15th AT THE LATEST due to low enrollment. In this case, all families will receive a full refund. If the virtual program is NOT cancelled but your camper(s) do not participate, all payments are nonrefundable. 


If you have questions or comments regarding this decision, please contact Allie Drexler via call/text at 315-396-9744, or via email at ssfdaycamp@gmail.com. You can also find & contact us on Instagram (@springsidefarm_daycamp) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/ssfdaycamp). 

Thank you and stay healthy, 

Allie Drexler

Camp Director


Springside Farm is a family-owned and operated agritourism farm located in Pompey, NY. For over 30 years, the Drexlers have fostered homegrown fun for families to enjoy. Whether it be selecting the perfect Christmas tree, pumpkins and gourds, or simply enjoying the many activities the farm has to offer in its fall season, Springside Farm has charmed the community and provided lasting memories for families. 

Camp Directors 

Travis and Allie Drexler oversee all camp operations, as well as plan and implement program activities.


Allie Drexler is a certified elementary teacher with over 10 years of experience working in childcare. As an educator and camp director, she is determined to provide engaging experiences that merge recreation with nature education in an "unplugged" setting. 


As co-owner of Springside Farm, Travis Drexler brings a lifetime of experience working in agriculture. A graduate of Cornell University's Animal Science program, Travis is passionate about creating valuable agricultural education experiences for children.


Springside Farm Day Camp is searching for qualified employees who have experience in childcare and a passion for nature -based activities and the outdoors! Email your resume and cover letter to ssfdaycamp@gmail.com today!

Health Director


There is a registered health professional, Ms. Renee Fuller (RN), who acts as Springside Farm Day Camp's Health Director. Additionally, our camp directors are certified in CPR and First Aid. 



Our staff is trained to supervise children in an engaging, nature-oriented setting. Camp counselors are well-qualified (certified teachers or working toward teacher certification), have previous experience in childcare, and are all over the age of 18.