Scroll through the slideshow below or visit our Facebook page to see how we spent our inaugural summer season at Springside Farm Day Camp! We farmed, gardened, explored nature, played outside, gained outdoor skills, learned about animals, and crafted using natural and recycled materials! We even harvested our own garden (planted and cared for by campers!), canned pickles using our very own cucumbers, and made herb-infused butter with the oregano, rosemary, and thyme we grew. For those sweltering days of summer, campers made ice cream in mason jars, "roasted" s'mores in handcrafted (from recycled materials!) solar ovens, and enjoyed their delicious treats! Daily themes at camp included: farming & gardening, natural arts & crafts, nature exploration, outdoor skills, and animals! 

Summer 2020 Themes & Activities

Rather than having themed weeks at Springside Farm Day Camp, we have themed days. This is so campers are NOT closed out of themes they wanted to experience at our day camp. The daily themes are as follows: 

Monday: Animals on the Farm

Tuesday: Nature Exploration and Outdoor Skills

Wednesday: Farming & Gardening

Thursday: Natural Arts & Crafts

Friday: Music, Storytelling & Theater 

Animals on the Farm: Animals play important roles on our farm and we think it is important to educate our campers about them. We raise sheep, alpacas, chickens, Akbash dogs (livestock guardians), rabbits, peacocks, and goats. Each week, campers will feed, care for, interact with and learn about our animals. Weekly guest speakers will also educate campers on the subjects of dairy farming, equestrian studies, fiber arts, and more! 

Nature Exploration & Outdoor Skills: There are over 100 acres of land to explore at Springside Farm Day Camp! Each day, we will spend the majority of our time outdoors interacting with nature. On Nature Exploration and Outdoor Skills days, campers will learn how to safely and responsibly interact with the earth, whether that entails setting up camp using natural or human-made materials, constructing and using solar stills to distill water for drinking, crafting solar ovens from recycled materials to cook food, fire safety, following trail signs & creating distress signals, or deciphering between harmful vs. beneficial plants/weeds & bugs/pests. 

Farming & Gardening: Campers will plant, tend, and harvest our large camp garden filled with various vegetables, tubers, and herbs! Campers will have the opportunity to prepare various foods with ingredients grown in our garden. We will also focus our learning on the farming practices at Springside Farm (Christmas trees, pumpkins & gourds, berries, corn, etc.). Weekly guest speakers will educate campers about agriculture and their daily roles on various types of farms (agritourism, dairy, horse, livestock, etc.). 

Natural Arts & Crafts: The land at Springside Farm is abundant with materials that campers will use to create natural and "up-cycled" artwork! Our campers will go on nature hikes through the trees, fields, and trails to gather materials, and use recycled household goods to create arts and crafts they will bring home. 

Music, Storytelling & Theater: Each Friday, campers will get to show off their talents in skits (both improv and rehearsed) and talent shows! Guest presenters will also visit camp to entertain as well as involve campers in lively storytelling, theater arts, and dancing!