1. When will camp operate? Monday through Friday, July 6 - August 28* (PLEASE SEE REGISTRATION PAGE FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS)​​

  2. What are camp hours? 9am-4pm. 

  3. Are extended hours offered? Yes, we offer AM hours from 8am-9am, and PM hours from 4pm-5pm at an additional fee. AM care: $10/day. PM care: $10/day. Both AM & PM care: $15/day. Campers remaining after 5pm will be subject to an additional fee of $1 per minute. Staff will attempt to contact parent or authorized alternate release individuals for pick-up. If a parent or authorized alternate release individual CANNOT be reached within 1 hour of scheduled PM care pick-up time (5pm), local authorities will be contacted. 

  4. What is the counselor-to-camper ratio? At least one counselor will be assigned to supervise 10 campers at all times (1:10 ratio). Typically, we operate on a 1:12 ratio, but the state has put out new guidelines for group sizes in regards to Covid-19. The new ratio is 1:10, which we are required to comply with.

  5. Will campers swim at camp? No, there will be no aquatic activities at camp. There WILL be sprinkler activities. 

  6. Will campers stay at the camp overnight? No, Springside Farm Day Camp is not an overnight, residential camp.

  7. Is lunch provided for campers? No, campers are required to bring a bagged lunch and labeled water bottle each day.

  8. How will I contact my child while he/she is at camp? You may call Springside Farm Day Camp during hours of operation at 315-396-9744. Please note that cell phones are not allowed at camp. If your child MUST have a cell phone, it will be locked in a secure location for the duration of the camp day. 

  9. What is security like at camp? Keeping our campers and staff safe during hours of operation is extremely important to us. Our staff is in constant contact with one another via phone. Visitors must sign-in, wear a visitor badge, and be accompanied by a camp staff member at all times. Any person not cleared to be at camp will be identified and asked to leave the premises immediately. 

  10. How are camp staff members hired? All prospective employees of Springside Farm Day Camp undergo background checks, reference checks, and a personal interview during the application process. Only the most qualified applicants are hired. Staff members then undergo training during the week before camp begins. Training topics include: camp mission, leadership, behavior management, safety/emergency procedures, and child abuse prevention. 

  11. What is healthcare like at camp? We have one registered health professional at Springside Farm Day Camp. Our health director, Mrs. Renee Fuller (RN), cares for illnesses and responds to all emergency situations. Mrs. Fuller is an elementary school nurse and well-qualified to handle any and all emergencies at camp. Additionally, our camp directors are First Aid and CPR certified. 

  12. What does my child need to bring to camp? All campers are asked to bring a bagged lunch, water bottle labeled with his/her name, sunscreen (also labeled), a change of clothing, and swimsuit & towel (for sprinklers) each day. Bug spray is OPTIONAL.